Designed for the future of insurance technology.


A clever and smart user interface displays just the right data needed for the task at hand. We don’t make users think!


Plans are only valid until they hit the market – so why not skip the planning stage? We need 10 days to get your first product up and running.


All data processing is fully digital and GDPR-compliant. Although not necessary, you can also transfer all collected and stored data to your existing IT-Systems.

Proven Track record.

3 key problems solved - for your success!


With all documents and tariff structures ready, we take your idea to your customers - fast! That's what counts these days, isn't it? Your customers and your competition will be impressed!



Our pricing model is as simple as our software. Surely the most attractive for small companies is our cloud-solution with a fair monthly price. Let us know what you need, and we will find a reasonable solution that fits your budget.


Product owners have a hard time finding resources to develop a customized application within their own organization. Using the Digital Insurance Engine you can stop waiting. Act now and remain a step ahead of competition.

Simply clever.

Digital sales channel support

Choose the digital sales channel your prefer: Mobile App, Web, Touch Screen or Voice

GDPR compliance

Workflows, documents and data storage meet EU General Data Protection Regulation requirements

Workflow and data customization

Workflows and data can be customized to meet your individual requirements

Fast premium adjustment

If markets require, you can immediately adjust your premium structure

No own IT required

Focus on your core competence - we provide you the digital access to your customers: The online contract wizzard. Use your personalized webportal to access all data in realtime

Safe data storage

Our cloud-solution is hosted at a ISO-certified provider based in Germany. All your customer data is stored safely and GDPR-compliant. Of course we also offer on-premise installations in your own infrastructure


Our platform connects to your environment: All data can either be exported into files or easily transferred into or from 3rd party systems

Easy document replacement

All documents provided to your customers within the sales process can easily be replaced with new versions

Monitoring & Tracking

The system can be used with most monitoring and tracking solutions

Cool team

Last but not least: We are an incredible bunch of people to work with. Everyone is an expert in his field, and we will surely impress you with our passion

Fully digital.

Key features of our digital insurance platform

Online Wizzards

Online-wizzard for digital contract sales - customizable to your needs and GDPR-compliant


Rights-managed access to all your data

Partner Management

Guided registration for brokers and affiliates. Configurable dashboards and automatic commission settlement

Contract Management

View and modify all contract data. Automatic workflows can be triggered, e.g. policy renewal, cancellation, reminder process

Claims Management*

Fully digital workflow to register and manage claims. Automatic loss reserve management

Collections & Disbursement module*

Electronic banking support for efficient payment and controlling


Visual representation of all key metrics - customizable to your needs

Reminder process (§§37 und 38 VVG)

Automatic reminder process for first- and follow-up premium with configurable periods and content

Access Control

Easy management of user-/group rights


Automatic bordereaux (customizable) for portfolio, monthly statements and claims

Multilanguage support

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French - other languages on request

Product Management

Product configuration, including e.g. tariff structures and digital documents

*available Summer 2019

Your Project.

We would like to convince you of the advantages the Digital Insurance Engine (DIE) offers for your individual business case. For an individual appointment, please call our CEO.

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