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Today’s insurance business requires software that allows for dynamical adjustment of products or strategy. We are committed to develop fast, but we do not sacrifice quality for speed: We have implemented DevSecOps.

We are pushing past departmental lines for more effective planning, design, and release of secure products. Our Team-Members have end-to-end responsibility of the application from requirements to deployment to monitoring and back to implementing new changes. Our process consists of a set of stages that can be carried out in a continuous loop until the desired product is achieved. A linked toolchain of technologies facilitates collaborative change.

Building upon automated delivery, we are able to test for issues beyond typical bugs – potential security flaws, design defects, and code weaknesses.

"Eventuelle Schwachstellen unserer Software erkennen wir früher als üblich und beheben sie noch im Entwicklungsprozess - also lange, bevor sie den Kunden erreichen könnten."

"We are able to identify and fix flaws earlier in the delivery process, before they are exposed to the public."

- Mike, Technical Lead drei01

The Stages of our DevSecOps - Process

in a continuous loop

To fully benefit from DevSecOps methodology requires commitment also from your site to changes in technology, processes and corporate culture. We engage you getting involved in continuous improvement to achieve secure innovation at speed and scale – by providing us feedback on one or more of the following stages on your site:


Automated provisioning and deployment ensure high consistency. We audit properties and configurations across the IT infrastructure and enforce secure configurations for all systems and services.


Routine maintenance and upgrades are important components in software security. Leveraging infrastructure as code tools, we recommend being able to apply updates to the entire organization’s infrastructure rapidly and consistently with no human error.


A strong continuous monitoring program enables you to obtain real-time evidence of how your system is performing and exploits that may be taking place against your system or its data.


Changing demands of your user base, or even being able to completely replace a compromised environment in minutes are now real-world problems that can only be solved using virtual systems or dedicated cloud environments.


Finally, all DevSecOps practices must continuously improve and adapt as issues are identified, whether that be usability, security or performance.
This informs decision-making, planning and how teams improve the overall Software Development Livecycle.

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