The Next Generation of our modern insurance software

Three years ago we presented the first version of our software for TPA and insurers. This version 1.0 was deliberately designed as a Minimal Viable Product, and right from the start, it solved one of the core problems of the insurance industry: the considerable shortening of project runtimes through the extremely fast provision of new online closing modules. 

Now we are presenting the next Generation of our Digital Insurance Engine with a scope of services that fully covers the complete value chain of an insurance underwriter. The core of the new version is the claims module for comprehensive case processing in a digital claims file. Other highlights include integrated document management, partner management with commission control, multilingualism, automatic sanction screening, and much more. 

That's what the Digital Insurance Engine Next Generation offers

  • Complete claims management
  • Automated business transactions
  • Rate modules for modular product offerings
  • Integrated document management
  • Extended partner management
  • Multilingual

I am proud to present the next generation of our insurance software after more than one year of development. The Minimal Viable Product, with which we started 3 years ago, has become a powerful software for insurance underwriters, which makes additional programs superfluous. Despite the many functions, the operation is still exemplary simple, and intuitive. 

Claus Brandt, CEO

Next Generation.

These features are new:

Claims management

All data is centrally recorded in a digital claim file. The automatic resubmission and configurable check criteria accelerate the often complex case processing, the 4-eyes principle provides security in the settlement. The reserve is controlled automatically. Important key figures are available for controlling.

Document management

The communication hub: mail, invoices, and cost estimates can be stored in the digital claims file, and standardized outgoing mail can be sent. The automatic resubmission function ensures that no deadline is missed.

Automated business transactions

Complex business transactions can be fully automated. For example, tariff adjustments requested by the customer are completed with just a few clicks, and all associated documents are sent automatically or made available in the customer portal. Tedious and error-prone routine activities are something of the past!

Partner management

Offer your partners attractive rates and product bundles: Premiums and products can be configured individually for each of your partners and changed by you at any time.

And: Online contract modules can now be color-coded to match your partners' individual corporate design.


Ready for international sales: Both online closing modules and the portal for customers and clerks can be displayed in any language. The associated translation tool gives you every freedom to formulate all texts.

New, modernized design

Of course, we have also carefully modernized the design of our insurance software. It can now also be adapted to your corporate colors.

Your project.

We would be happy to show you what advantages the new generation of the Digital Insurance Engine (DIE) also offers your company. We will take the time to understand your situation and then present you with suitable solutions based on the DIE. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. You will find the phone number on the right.